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Our Mision

We are focused on growing the consumption of pasture-raised eggs laid by our happy hens raised on pasture. We share our business model with others in rural parts of the country to provide business opportunities and expand our work.


That by 2035, 90% of Peruvians consume pasture-raised eggs contributing to healthier families.
By 2020, be the top producer of pasture-raised eggs in all Latin America.
By 2020, be the leading provider of free-range, pasture-raised eggs for your family.


Humility and Respect: is reflected in all of our actions and in how we care for our hens
Transparency: our actions give us credibility and we’re transparent with all of our clients about how we raise our hens
Teamwork: we realize that we won’t be able to reach our objectives alone. We understand that by partnering with others, we can bring forth a new type of Peruvian consumer that puts animal welfare first
Quality: we always ensure the highest quality eggs for your family
Perseverance: it won’t be easy to compete conventional players in the egg industry, but our objective of raising hens on pasture pushes us to work continuously