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Care for our girls

Our girls are like partners and are always treated with respect. They’re raised in large pastures where they are able to run free, forage for bugs, dust bathe, rest on perches, and hang out with other hens. Our hens also receive a 100% natural feed ration that ensures a happy life for our girls and results in healthier eggs for your family.

According to the Instituto de estudios del huevo, the way a hen is raised determines the type of egg:
The following systems are used to raise hens:

  • Battery cages: Hens live in cages and never have access to move around freely. They are given feed and water and the space where they are raised is equivalent to about a piece of paper.
  • Cage free: Hens move freely and are raised on the floor of a chicken house. They do not have access to outside areas and are enclosed inside with no outside access.
  • Free-range: Hens have access to outside. They have a chicken house and run freely in small areas outside.
  • Pasture-raised: Hens live in harmony with nature and are free to move about as they like. Under this production model, the hens are completely free to move through the pastures and enter and exit their house when they like. The pasture areas are much larger in pasture-raised production than in free-range production models.

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