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Our Eggs

Pasture-raised hens are free and happy and this results in the highest quality, healthy eggs for your family.
It’s been shown that pasture-raised eggs provide us with higher nutritional value. Our eggs are higher in Omega 3, vitamin A, vitamin E, and Vitamin D. They also have less saturated fat and cholesterol, which makes our eggs much healthier than conventional eggs sold throughout Peru.

1 50 gram, hard-boiled pasture-raised egg:

Nutrient %
Choline 35%
Selenium 28%
Biotin 27%
Vitamin B12 23%
Vitamin B2 20%
Molybdenum 19%
Iodine 18%
Pantothenic acid 14%
Phosphorus 35%
Choline 12%
Vitamin D 11%
Vitamin A 8%