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About Us

Huevos Ecológicos Las Praderas SAC is Peru’s pioneer in free-range eggs on pasture. Our hens produce high-quality, pastured eggs (also known as EcoHuevos). Our first farm is located in Mala (Cañete) where we welcome our customers to visit and see firsthand how well our hens are cared for.

Las Praderas was founded and is led by Jonathan Herron (USA) and Ralth Arredondo (Peru). Both are businessmen and innovators in the poultry sector. The aim of our company is to lead Peru and Latin America in producing pasture-raised eggs.

We seek to promote responsible product choices that don’t negatively affect animal welfare. It’s a known fact that conventional battery-cage farms keep hens in cages, depriving them of freedom. We work to eliminate this type of production in Peru and contribute to a better way of producing even healthier eggs.

We would like to invite you to join our movement by consuming Las Praderas brands of pasture-raised eggs and by doing so, contribute to an alternative to conventional egg production methods.